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The simplest way to perform incredibly comprehensive enhanced background checks

Performing background checks on high-risk or high-net-worth individuals isn’t a straightforward process – usually involving multiple data sources and lots of ‘connecting the dots’ before the full picture is revealed.


What’s more, this process can be sensitive, tedious and possibly error-prone. All these factors can adversely affect your due diligence checks, as well as all the work you’re doing to fulfil regulatory & compliance requirements.

The basics of enhanced background checks

If you’re conducting an enhanced background check on an individual, these seven questions are a good place to start.

    1. Does this person’s education and employment history match what they disclosed?
    2. Has this person been directly involved in a regulatory investigation or action?
    3. Is this person connected to any person or company that has been directly involved in a regulatory investigation or action? If so, how?
    4. Does this person hold any directorship or shareholder positions that could result in conflicts of interest?
    5. Has this person been mentioned negatively in the media?
    6. Has her or she faced any (civil or criminal) litigation charges?
    7. Have they been declared bankrupt by a High Court?


Should you only need to know a person’s directorships and shareholderships in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China companies, we provide Entity Profile Reports. They list all businesses the person is involved in – uncovering their role, and the status of those entities.


Getting still-deeper insights

But if you need even deeper insights into an individual, Handshakes has you covered. We provide:

Access to reliable data
Handshakes provides corporate registry data (across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China) – as well as capital markets data from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Connections, visualised
Our mapping technology has the ability to uncover and visualise hidden connections that go several levels deep. Giving you a comprehensive understanding of a person’s direct and indirect risk exposure – potential conflicts of interest, or regulatory actions.

The solution: Background checks, done for you

Is your team is tied up with performing enhanced background checks, day after day?

The most effective solution could be to outsource this time- and resource-intensive task to experts.

This is where the Handshakes Xpert team comes in.


Our experts can perform enhanced background checks efficiently and accurately, to provide you a report that meets your brief. You can trust us – we tap on reliable data and our proprietary mapping tools to uncover direct or indirect regulatory exposures, as well as any conflicts of interest.

Your dedicated Handshakes Xpert team will also tap on other online sources to crosscheck information – such as employment and litigation history – to deliver a comprehensive report that informs your mitigation plans.