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Handshakes Xpert

Custom insights, done for you

Trained to leverage Handshakes’ datasets and analytics tools to the fullest, our Xpert team can take over complex or urgent tasks – and deliver actionable insights or data to your team quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Why Handshakes Xpert?

Get your custom company list, quickly and reliably

Need a list of companies filtered by revenue, industry or financials? We can provide you a custom list from our trusted sources of official company registries (such as ACRA) and capital markets data.

Due diligence checks, done for you

Background and conflict-of-interest checks can take time – more time than you have. Hand the reigns to us and our experts will navigate datasets, filter criteria and leverage on analytics tools for you – delivering the specific insights you require.

Perform real-time monitoring

We simplify long-tail monitoring by setting real-time alerts on companies and persons that you’re keeping an eye on, so you won’t miss a move.

What is Xpert?

Reliable and customised.

Trusted data sources for reliable insights

Our data including information on private companies and capital markets comes directly from trusted partners – ensuring the reliability of your insights.

Expert insights, delivered how you want it

Choose the insights you want to receive, in the format that best fits your needs – an easy-to-understand report or Excel sheet.

How our clients leverage Xpert

Perform background checks on high risk persons

Check for conflicts of interest

Customise business profiles or information

Screen vendors for collusions

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