SEER Custom NLP Technology - Handshakes

SEER Custom NLP Technology

SEER Custom NLP Technology

Process large amounts of text, intelligently

Handshakes Seer is our proprietary, award-winning machine learning technology that uses natural language processing AI to read text, understand content, and deliver actionable insights.

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Why Handshakes Seer?

Harness your data for real-time insights

Processing a growing pool of data yourself is impractical, or plain impossible. With our AI technology, this text (structured and unstructured) can be automatically read, extracted and classified.

Get machines optimised for corporate purposes

Our machines have the benefit of learning from our robust pool of corporate registry and capital markets data, making them optimal for corporate applications.

Enjoy support from our machine learning experts

With Seer, our machine learning team is here to help you build and optimise your AI models, so you don’t have to.

Optimise workflows with a customised AI solution

Speed up workflows from day one, with a solution that’s modified to your specific concerns and desired outputs.