Accurate and Up-to-date industry insights

Research & Monitoring

Accurate and Up-to-date industry insights

Handshakes’ direct access to official data sources allows businesses and regulatory authorities to monitor latest market dynamics, track industry trends and performance.

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Use Cases

Business Profiling

Obtain detailed profiles of companies, including their legal name, registration date, industry classification, and key executives. This foundational information is crucial for understanding the business landscape.

Market Analysis

Analyse market trends, competition, and industry dynamics by accessing company registry data. This information helps researchers identify key players, market share, and growth patterns.

Industry Benchmarking

Compare companies within the same industry based on size, revenue, and other key metrics. This benchmarking process aids in identifying industry leaders and assessing competitiveness.

Investment Research

Support investment decisions by researching company registry data for information on stock ownership, financial performance, and overall business health.

Entrepreneurial Studies

Researchers studying entrepreneurship can use company registry data to explore trends, success factors, and failure rates among startups and small businesses.

Emerging Market Research

Explore emerging markets by studying company registry data to understand the business landscape, regulatory environment, and potential investment opportunities.

Types of Data Available

•   Basic Entity Information
•   Former Names of Entity
•   Registered Office Address
•   Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) Code
•   Appointment Holders
•   Charges
•   Company Financial Information
•   Cashflow Statement
•   Regulatory, Enforcement and Disciplinary Records

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