Accurate Data for Effective Risk Mitigation


Accurate Data for Effective Risk Mitigation

Handshakes’ multifaceted data sources allow investigators to cross-reference data to build a comprehensive understanding of a company or person’s background and potential red flags.

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Key Aspects of Investigations

Fraud Investigations

In cases of suspected fraud, investigators analyse company registry data to uncover irregularities in business activities, financial transactions, or ownership. This may involve tracking changes in company details, identifying fictitious entities, or exposing fraudulent financial schemes.

Conflicts-of-Interest Investigations

Company registry data assists in identifying potential conflicts of interest by revealing relationships between businesses and individuals. Investigators can assess the ownership ties between companies and scrutinise whether employees or decision-makers have conflicting financial interests.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

Investigators rely on multiple data sources to verify the identities of corporate entities, assess their ownership structures, and identify any potential connections to money laundering activities.

Leveraging Handshakes to overcome challenges of commercial investigation

Complex Business Structures

Investigating large corporations with intricate ownership structures, subsidiaries, and complex financial transactions can be challenging. Handshakes’ technology is deployed to unravel the relationships within such structures.

False Information and Deception

Investigators may encounter deliberate attempts to mislead or deceive, making it difficult to discern the truth. Identifying false information through verification with official data sources like Handshakes’ facilitates such investigative works.

Cross-Border Complexity

Investigating business operations spanning multiple countries can be complex due to varying legal frameworks and differences in regulatory standards. Handshakes’ mapping of regional company registry, capital markets, litigation and global business relationships bridges the gap for investigators.

Rapidly Changing Business Environments

Businesses operate in dynamic environments, and investigations must adapt to changes in industry practices, technologies, and market conditions. Keeping pace with these changes through Handshakes’ technology ensures that investigations remain relevant and effective.

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