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Conflicts of Interest

Comprehensive COI checks made possible

Many take a sampling approach to detecting conflicts of interest (COI), thinking comprehensive checks impractical. Tap on our COI expertise, and you’ll see that it’s not just possible, but faster and more cost-effective.

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Due Diligence

Due diligence insights you can rely on

With every new board member, vendor, client or partner, comes new compliance risks. Perform enhanced due diligence checks quickly, with reliable data.

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Reliable data to power your KYC/KYB services

Integrate reliable corporate registry and capital markets data into your platform or toolkit to enhance your KYC and AML services.

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Business Intelligence

Reliable Insights for Competitive Edge

From competitor analysis and market trends to regulatory compliance, Handshakes’ database of official company registry data help businesses assess the credibility of financial stability of potential partners or clients, allowing organisations to identify opportunities, assess risks and refine their strategies.

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Accurate Data for Effective Risk Mitigation

Handshakes’ multifaceted data sources allow investigators to cross-reference data to build a comprehensive understanding of a company or person’s background and potential red flags.

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Accelerate complex onboarding processes

Assess the credibility and legitimacy of new parties to mitigate financial risks, enhance overall integrity and security of the business ecosystem.

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Vendor Screening

Lower business risks when you know your counterparts

Effective Vendor screening through Handshakes allows organisations to identify any potential red flags, legal issues or financial instability that could pose risks to the supply chain.

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Research & Monitoring

Accurate and Up-to-date industry insights

Handshakes’ direct access to official data sources allows businesses and regulatory authorities to monitor latest market dynamics, track industry trends and performance.

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Regtech (Regulatory Technology)

Reduce compliance monitoring time with digital compliance

Leverage Handshakes’ technology to streamline and enhance regulatory compliance processes.

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