Corporate Background Check & Screening Services in Singapore

XPERT Custom Reports

Custom reports or access to bulk corporate data

Trained to leverage Handshakes’ datasets and analytics tools for your due diligence needs, our analysts can take over complex or urgent tasks – and deliver actionable insights to your team quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Reasons to choose Handshakes reports

Due diligence checks, done for you

Corporate background and conflict-of-interest checks can take time – more time than you have. Hand the reins to us and our experts in Singapore will navigate datasets, filter criteria and leverage on analytics tools for you – delivering the specific insights you require.

Trusted data sources for reliable intelligence

Our data, as well as information on private companies in Singapore and capital markets comes directly from trusted partners – ensuring the reliability of our background screening reports.

Delivered how you want

We deliver the insights in a format that best suits your needs for corporate background checks or due diligence – an easy-to-understand report or Excel sheet.

How our clients leverage our reports

Perform background checks on high risk persons

Performing thorough background checks on high-risk individuals is crucial for companies in Singapore to identify potentially risky transactions and safe guard its business. Background screening can help identify potential red flags such as regulatory exposures, enforcement as well as disciplinary actions. By conducting these checks, companies can make informed decisions and mitigate risk of financial or reputational damage.

Check for conflicts of interest

Companies must ensure that they operate with integrity and avoid potential conflicts of interest that could harm their reputation. Conflict of interest occurs when an individual’s personal interests influence their professional obligations. This can cause decisions that are biased, unfair and damage to a company’s reputation. Handshakes’ XPERT’s services allow businesses to conduct more efficient background checks on companies and individuals to surface potential conflicts of interest. Prioritising conflict of interest in Singapore can foster trust and ethical practices, ensuring companies operate with integrity.

Customise business profiles or information

Background checks are critical in today’s corporate world, as they help organisations make informed decisions when hiring employees, selecting business partners, or entering into new ventures. However, not all companies are alike. This is why customised background screening data is essential. It allows businesses to obtain the specific information they need based on their industry, type of business or other factors. Handshakes is a reliable provider of customised data reports, tailoring its services to the unique needs of each client. This ensures that businesses can make decisions knowing that they have the most relevant and accurate information at their fingertips.

Screen vendors for collusions

It is crucial for businesses in Singapore to conduct company background checks such as vendor screening to mitigate the risk of collusion. Collusion can lead to severe consequences such as financial loss, reputational damage, and legal complications. A thorough screening process ensures that the vendors selected are trustworthy and reliable, and can help prevent fraudulent activities that may result from collusion.

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