FUSE System Integration - Handshakes

FUSE System Integration

FUSE System Integration

Fuse private and public data, revealing new insights

Handshakes Fuse combines multiple data sources and workflows, enabling you to find new and meaningful insights quickly and easily.

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Why Handshakes Fuse?

More data = deeper insights

Get higher quality insights with Fuse. Further leverage our proprietary connection maps and datasets when you fuse our platform with your private data, business processes, analytics algorithms and more.

Goodbye manual checks, hello automated verifications

Relying on manual data entries and checks can be messy, tiring and error-prone. By connecting your systems with our official data sources, processes (such as verifications) become faster and more accurate.

A data ecosystem to serve your goals

Every Fuse is customised to meet your data, workflow components, and business needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all package – it’s a unique solution that’s designed for you.

Why trust us?

Trusted by the public sector and corporations

Private industries, the public sector, financial services and regulatory bodies trust Handshakes with their data and workflows.

Also, we are an SG:D Accredited company. So you can be assured of our product’s core functionalities, our ability to deliver as promised, and your data security.