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How to expand your media monitoring efforts, while maintaining a lean team

Media monitoring with a small team results in strain and stress for employees, inefficient work, inconsistent efforts, and more. In this solution brief, we discuss how a text processing solution like Handshakes Seer can enable more efficient and consistent monitoring.

Businesses and agencies understand the importance of monitoring various news sources and keeping abreast of the latest industry developments.

However, with a constantly evolving and fragmented media landscape, monitoring multiple channels can be resource-intensive – especially for lean teams with members who often need to handle other tasks as well.

This can result in strain and stress for employees, inefficient work, inconsistent media monitoring efforts (that vary according to how busy individuals are on certain days), and more.

The amount of media we’re monitoring is growing every day

Employees are often tasked with monitoring some, or most, of these channels. Toss in both mainstream and alternative versions of these channels, and you have a recipe for overload.

    • Mainstream news publications
    • Alternative, niche publications (blogs)
    • Websites
    • Forums
    • Emails
    • Surveys
    • Research papers
    • Regulatory announcements
    • Analyst reports
    • Internal archives


What are organisations monitoring?

The purpose of monitoring is manifold, with various internal stakeholders adding to an ever-growing list that includes:

    • Customer feedback
    • Competitor movements
    • Political sentiments
    • Security concerns
    • Sensitive media content
    • Extracted structured data


The solution: AI that automates your monitoring



Handshakes Seer is a game-changing text processing solution driven by Handshakes’ proprietary artificial intelligence technology that enables more consistent and efficient monitoring efforts.

To alleviate the stress on your lean team, our team will personally work with them – tailoring the Seer solution to your organisation’s unique needs.

Here’s what will happen when you connect with us:


We’ll learn about your specific monitoring needs

Our consultants will get to know the topics that matter most to you, and find out what media channels you need to monitor. Are you under pressure to pick up news from obscure sources, or track niche issues? Tell us about it, we can help.


We’ll propose solutions and an ideal project scope

Once we have a thorough understanding of your needs, our team will present a solution that’s built around your exact requirements – referencing the most suitable data sources to extract the news that you need, without any manual intervention.


We’ll deliver for your team

Once the project scope is agreed on and plans are drawn up, you will be assigned a project manager – who will consult with you, understand your timelines and ensure the technologies you need are delivered to your team as a customised platform.

We even have a dedicated machine learning team to assist in training your AI models to read the way you need them to, or set alerts so you stay in the know of the latest updates.


The Handshakes difference

We love working with our extraordinary clients, and are proud that they choose us because of our ability to take on specific goals and requirements and consistently deliver on our promises.

You can depend on us – many others already are
Our technical support is top-of-class and trusted by MNCs and government agencies alike.

Our machines are optimised for corporate applications
Our AI has the benefit of learning from our large (and still growing) pool of corporate registry and capital markets data, which means they are well-trained to read and understand corporate information.

We train your Seer AI, so you don’t have to
Our dedicated machine learning team provides expert support in training your AI models to read the way you need them to, so your team can focus on the analysis and decision-making.

Extract news from different data sources
We are happy to crack solutions that connect you to more obscure data sources, or integrate your business logic into your platform of choice.