Handshakes wins Tyme eKYC Award in e-hackathon - Handshakes

Handshakes wins Tyme eKYC Award in e-hackathon

South Africa’s leading digital bank, Tyme, has announced the three winners of its Tyme Challenge. The winners responded to four challenge questions, and we are glad to announce that Handshakes has placed first for the eKYC Award, despite the strong competition in this category.

Our winning entry presented Handshakes’ custom APIs, which include company registry data and capital markets data, as the solution to Tyme’s eKYC challenge. Our company registry data covers Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and China — the first two being Tyme’s target ASEAN markets.

Launched on APIX — an innovation platform built for FinTechs and Financial Institutes to collaborate — this e-hackathon presented industry problem statements in the areas of retail integration, e-commerce payments, eKYC and regulatory reporting.

By inviting business participants, Tyme hoped to identify strong partners to strengthen its “go to market” strategy in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Winning teams will be invited into commercial discussions with Tyme for their market entry into their target ASEAN countries.



About Tyme

Tyme is building a multi-country digital bank focused on emerging markets in Asia and Africa. They are driven by the conviction that broadening economic participation will unlock human potential. TymeGlobal partners with in-country local partners to launch next-generation digital banks.

About APIX
APIX is an innovation platform featuring a Marketplace for FinTechs and Financial Institutions to connect, share ideas and innovate collaboratively in a sandbox, developed and operated by ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (AFIN). The APIX platform was developed by a consortium that includes Virtusa, Percipient, Fidor, and Deloitte.