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Handshakes Now Provides Litigation Checks Via API And Custom Reports





SINGAPORE 17 Nov 2022 – Leading corporate registry and regulatory data provider in Singapore, Handshakes, now offers Singapore litigation checks through Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Custom Reports to enhance KYC investigations.

This new feature by Handshakes to incorporate litigation information into its datasets, addresses the increasing demand by regulators for businesses to conduct thorough due diligence checks and report accurate customer profiles in its reports. Leveraging on Handshakes Litigation API, organisations can combine private data with Handshakes data to build a robust system of customer intelligence of their own.This allows for deeper understanding of an individual’s or company’s background, unravelling important insights for better business decisions.

Apart from APIs, Handshakes also provides litigation checks in custom format through its XPERT service. This service is popular with clients who have specific requirements either through tailored reports or bulk data format. “Listening to customer feedback has always been an important part of our product development. The move to incorporate litigation information demonstrates our commitment to improving our products based on the needs of our valued clients,” highlights Charles Poon, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Handshakes.

The current release of Litigation checks via API and Custom Report formats marks the first phase of implementation. The subsequent releases involve the incorporation of litigation information into its signature reports as well as its award-winning Handshakes APP, a network analytics platform which presents users with a comprehensive display of key relationships in the form of network maps.

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Trusted by regional regulators and financial institutions across the globe, Handshakes specialises in corporate intelligence solutions which provide professionals in Risk & Compliance, HR and Internal Audits with real-time access to official Corporate Registry data, Capital Markets as well as Litigation information. Combined with the award-winning visual mapping technology, Handshakes solutions help organisations mitigate business risks and make safer decisions.

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