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2 most common prospecting roadblocks

You've exhausted your leads list

With your leads list exhausted, you need a way of creating a fresh supply of quality leads.

You need a way to qualify your leads

Separating quality leads from not-so-quality leads is only possible with insights on the company, but this can be hard to find.

How the Handshakes App powers prospecting

Leverage your contacts’ connections

Our instant connection maps show you a company’s ultimate owner, and their subsidiaries – so you can leverage those connections.

Qualify your leads by their financials

We provide reliable information on companies’ financial health so you gain insight into their sales potential.

Insights include paid-up capital, profit before tax and revenue.

Build alerts for timely introductions

Set up alerts to get notified of companies who have crossed a revenue threshold, or increased their paid up capital, for instance. So you can introduce your offerings, perfectly timed.

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Why trust us?

Trusted by the regulators and corporations

Regulatory bodies, financial services and corporations trust Handshakes with their data and workflows.

Also, we are an SG:D Accredited company. So you can be assured of our product’s core functionalities, our ability to deliver as promised, and your data security.


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