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Due Diligence & Compliance

Due diligence insights you can rely on

With every new board member, vendor, client or partner, comes new compliance risks. Perform enhanced due diligence checks quickly, with reliable data.

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Common challenges to effective due diligence

It’s not that straightforward

Verifying the reliability of your data and performing enhanced background checks require peeling back multiple layers and access to multiple data sources.

It costs you too much time

Discovering a company or person’s connections take more time than you can afford.

You don't have the right tools

You have to perform regular background checks on new parties, but lack a self-service tool that’s easy to use.

Leverage our due diligence expertise

Cross-check your data with official sources

Verify information provided by your partner, client, vendor or merchant with official corporate registry sources and exchange filings. Our data covers Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China.

Outsource reports to our experts

We have the data, tools & experience necessary to produce timely due diligence reports as a service to corporations and Catalist Sponsors.

Run enhanced background checks

Build a clearer picture of risks related to the other party, as we bring regulatory actions to your attention.

Upgrade your compliance toolkit

Add the Handshakes App to your compliance toolkit and perform background checks whenever you need.

To see if our solutions are the right fit

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Why trust us?

Trusted by the regional regulators

Regional regulators, private industries and the public sector trust Handshakes with their data and workflows.

Also, we are an SG:D Accredited company. So you can be assured of our product’s core functionalities, our ability to deliver as promised, and your data security.


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