Map your risks, instantly with the Handshakes App

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Map your risks, instantly

Run fast checks on companies, persons, and their connections, with the Handshakes App.

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    How our app maps risks

    Zoom into potential conflicts of interest

    Upload two lists to scan for any direct or indirect connections between them.

    Got a hit? Our map features make it easy to investigate.

    Draw instant connections

    Need more insight on a person or company?

    Easily find their corporate information, and instantly unwrap their direct and indirect connections.

    Run quick risk exposure checks

    Discover if their connections have been flagged by any of 20 regional regulators.

    Why trust the Handshakes App?

    Reliable insights from trusted sources


    Our data taps on corporate registries (e.g. ACRA) and exchange filings

    Used by trusted organisations


    Our customers include regional regulators, public sector agencies and trusted financial institutions

    We are a SG:D Accredited company


    So you can be assured of our ability to deliver

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