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Conflicts Of Interest

Comprehensive COI checks made possible

Many take a sampling approach to detecting conflicts of interest (COI), thinking comprehensive checks impractical. Tap on our COI expertise, and you’ll see that it’s not just possible, but faster and more cost-effective.

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3 most common COI challenges

Your data has too many gaps

Your vendor list is missing registration names and numbers, and your employee declaration forms are difficult to compile.

It costs too much time & labour

Manually cross validating employee declaration forms with company data is labour-intensive and error-prone.

It’s not that straightforward

Some relationships aren’t direct and take time to uncover – and that’s assuming you have the right data and analytics tools.

An end to end solution

As experts in conflicts of interest checks, Handshakes guides our clients towards effective & efficient risk detection.

Scrub your employee & vendor lists

First, we clean your lists by pulling missing information from official corporate registry sources and exchange filings. Our data covers Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China.

Run background checks

We then build a clearer picture of every one of your employees and vendors with background checks.

Cross validate your data

If you are keen to identify false or incomplete employee declarations, our team is able to cross validate the data you have with our official sources.

Surface potential conflicts of interest

Our proprietary analytics tools allow us to uncover connections, several levels deep, for your planning & action.

Track new potential conflicts

Get notified real-time of any new potential conflicts with our monitoring alerts.

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Why trust us?

Trusted by the public sector and corporations

Private industries, the public sector, financial services and regulatory bodies trust Handshakes with their data and workflows.

Also, we are an SG:D Accredited company. So you can be assured of our product’s core functionalities, our ability to deliver as promised, and your data security.


What is a COI check?