Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Handshakes

Job ID: SG-TE-0010-4

Software Engineer, Machine Learning


The role

We are looking for an individual with experience and passionate in Machine Learning. A highly collaborative role, this person will need to work closely with customers and internal teams to deliver exceptional experiences and drive business value.

Areas of Natural Language Processing include Named Entity Recognition, Entity Resolution, Relationship Recognition and Resolution, Text Classification, Sentiment Analysis, Clustering, Recommender Systems.

Key responsibilities

  • Work alongside scientists, designers, and research engineers to provide analytical insight into research challenges and support to operational issues
  • Perform investigatory analysis of large multivariate datasets, identifying opportunities to apply machine learning techniques to extract meaning and derive value
  • Characterise classifier or algorithm performance against defined project

Ideal traits

  • MS or PhD degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or related technical field
  • Practical experience with Machine Learning or related field in previous roles
  • Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to Java, C/C++, or Python
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, Algorithmic Foundations of Optimization, Data Mining, or Machine Intelligence
  • Experience applying Machine Learning to real world problems
  • Knowledge of design, to subsequently implement and deploy machine learning models to Cloud
  • Good understanding of the software development cycle and Agile development practice
  • Passion for solving complex and interesting problems
  • Ability to learn fast, and to prioritise and manage several tasks at once
  • Strong analytical and communications skills

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