Machine Learning Programmer - Handshakes

Job ID: SG-PP-0005-1

Machine Learning Programmer


The role

We are looking for an individual with experience and passionate in Machine Learning. A highly collaborative role, this person will need to work closely with customers and internal teams to deliver exceptional experiences and drive business value.

You will be required to apply Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning approaches to analyse unstructured text source data to identify and extract Named Entities and Relationships as well as resolve them against an existing knowledge base. Specifically, we are interested in identifying novel Entities and Relationships that are identified from text but are not found in the knowledge base.

You will be working with our existing AI Research Team to develop new solutions to enhance our natural language processing engine.

Key responsibilities

  • Work alongside scientists, designers, and research engineers to develop our Natural Language Processing engine
  • Conduct research and experiments on how to best train our model
  • Deploy machine learning models in our system


  • Education in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or any related field
  • Practical experience with Machine Learning or related field in previous roles
  • Excellent knowledge of Python
  • Passion for solving complex and interesting problems
  • Ability to learn fast, and to prioritise and manage several tasks at once
  • Strong analytical and communications skills
  • Strong team player

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