Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Handshakes

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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The role

Handshakes is an award-winning DataTech company. We enable our clients to make safer, more informed decisions by delivering meaningful insights, harnessed from reliable data.  Through our products, clients gain greater clarity on their businesses, clients, partners, and competitors.

We are looking for an experienced Cloud Infrastructure Engineer who will be part of our Cloud Devops team to implement, optimise and maintain our cloud-based systems.  As a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, your work will support our multidisciplinary agile teams to ensure our cloud services are robust, performant and well-managed.

As a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, you would be involved in:

  • Improving and refining the build and deployment process to ensure reliability, fault tolerance and automation that follow industry standards in cloud infrastructure
  • Architecting and building the automation to migrate on-premises infrastructure to AWS or Azure cloud
  • Hands-on management of cloud infrastructure and serve as a technical point of contact for Devops

As an experienced Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, you would have:

  • Developed and deployed services through continuous integration/delivery pipelines that leverage either AWS or Azure cloud technologies as well as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and DevSecOps best practices
  • Adept in two or more scripting languages (e.g. Python, Groovy, PowerShell, Bash, Perl, Javascript, et al) and in automated tools (e.g. Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, et al)
  • Experience with containerization and/or orchestration tools like Docker, Kubernetes, et al
  • Hands-on skills on Kubernetes especially on managing and maintaining workflows would be a plus


We are not engaging with recruitment agencies.  If interested, apply here or send your profile or inquiries directly to [email protected]



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