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Radial Map

Instant visual insights about people and company connections

Radial Maps are interactive visual maps to extract and analyse connections between people and companies. Users can select entities and relationships in a map, and conveniently drill down for more information. Analysis can also be deepened conveniently by expanding on entities to show the next layer of connections.

The information in Radial Maps can be saved and exported both as high-resolution images or data spreadsheets.

Applicable Uses

Interconnection Map

A powerful way to identify associates and indirect influence

Interconnection Maps identify how people and companies could be connected directly or through intermediate connections. They answer the question: “How are these people and companies connected?”

Users can interconnect up to 10 people or companies at a time. The degree of separation may also be adjusted by a user to show less or more indirect paths.

Applicable Uses

Legal Beneficial Ownership Map

A quick and safe way to conduct ownership checks

Legal Beneficial Ownership (LBO) maps exhaustively search for a company’s beneficial owners, through every layer of shareholding, and presents the information in a visual hierarchy map.

Powered by official data, and designed with the support of the Singapore Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (Singapore ICSA), our LBO maps are an efficient and reliable way to conduct ownership checks.

In addition to showing shareholding structure, our LBO maps can also show voting power, which is shown as a percentage of ordinary shares held by shareholders at each level.

Applicable Uses

Entity Profile Report

Actionable intelligence on people and companies

Entity Profile Report contains basic information and analytics about a subject. Some unique features in our Entity Profile Report are the Probable Associates and RED Score analysis.

Probable Associates indicate persons and companies who may be associated with the subject. The RED Score flags out any direct or indirect past exposure the subject may have to regulatory, enforcement, or disciplinary actions.

The Entity Profile Report is generated instantly as a PDF document for intuitive reading and easy record-keeping.

Contents of an Entity Profile Report
  • Subject’s Name
  • Subject’s Aliases and Past Names
  • Place of Incorporation / Citizenship
  • Network Score (benchmark score for level of connectedness)
  • RED Score (indicates direct and indirect exposure to regulatory actions)
  • Probable Associates
  • Recent Public Disclosures
  • Current Directors / Directorships
  • Family Members (for persons)
Applicable Uses

RED List Report

Reduce your blindspots and gain greater assurance

RED List Report identifies in detail a person or company’s direct and indirect exposure to adverse events.
This unique ability reduces blind spots and increases assurance to the user.

Powered by daily coverage of regulatory actions from the following official sources:

Applicable Uses

Procurement Check

Batch check all your vendors for potential conflict-of-interests

Procurement Check is a batch process that checks your suppliers for possible conflict-of-interests with internal decision makers. It is an affordable and scalable way to reduce the risk of procurement fraud.

Procurement Check is the perfect tool to verify vendor declarations of independence, and highlight areas of risk for further evaluation.

Applicable Uses


Reduce your daily workload with push alerts

Alerts can be set on people and companies. Once set, you will receive email push alerts whenever a shareholding or directorship change regarding the subject occurs.

A good practice is to set your Alerts as you do your Origination or Due Diligence checks, and let our Alerts automate your post- transaction monitoring of counterparties.

Applicable Uses