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Just as a nucleus is the main control system of a cell, Handshakes is a one-stop, central operating analytics platform that maps out all relationships between companies and persons.

About Us

Handshakes is a dynamic platform that maps out relationships between companies and persons in the corporate ecosystem,
allowing financial services firms, regulators, corporates and researchers to gain business insight and intelligence.
With our proprietary curated and disambiguated corporate information, we provide high assurance on data quality,
which enables users to effectively and efficiently address their business needs.



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Discovering investment opportunities
Scenario:You are looking for companies to invest in.

You can use Handshakes to identify investment opportunities and carry out further research on the company, management and shareholders to understand their track record and experience.

Talent scouting
Scenario:You want to appoint a director to your board.

Potential candidates can be identified using various parameters such as the number and type of directorships that a person holds, his or her board experience, and the network or interconnections that the person has. With search results based on publicly-available reports and disclosure documents, Handshakes provides a more accurate and reliable source of information on the candidates’ credentials.

Strengthening integrity
Scenario:You need to enhance the company’s procurement process.

Handshakes allows you to screen for possible conflicts of interests in the procurement process and identify potential risk areas. This will help ensure a high level of integrity in the company’s procurement processes.

Carrying out research on
listed companies and capital markets
Scenario:You are studying the boards of listed companies to understand issues such as gender diversity.

Researchers can make use of raw datasets from Handshakes together with discovery and productivity tools to gain insights into the structure of boards and their composition, director tenure, remuneration, meeting attendance, gender diversity and multiple directorships.

Facilitating investigations
Scenario:You are investigating a possible case of embezzlement within the company.

By running interconnection analysis on Handshakes databases and third-party information sources, we have very powerful means to identify possible channels for routing misappropriated funds. For example, the suspect could be doing this through the creation of distant, indirectly-related entities which can be picked out in the analysis.

Scenario:You are looking for individuals or companies to invest in your company.

Using Handshakes, you can search for investors of companies that are similar to yours, to identify those who may be interested in investing in your company. You can drill down to find out more about these investors, and through an interconnection analysis, identify possible touch points for you to reach out to the more promising prospects. Also, using Handshakes on your mobile device, you can easily discover common talking points while on your way to meet the prospect and have them displayed discreetly.

Engaging a professional advisor
Scenario:You wish to engage an investment bank to advise on a deal.

Handshakes will allow you to evaluate the track record of an investment bank including number of deals, deal types and sector experience. Radial maps will also give you an idea of the network and level of influence that the investment bank has.

Identifying leads for business development
Scenario:You are marketing a software for managing board requirements.

You can use Handshakes to identify the influencers for software purchasing decisions. For example, through interconnection analysis, you will be able to identify audit partners which have greater influence, i.e. have stronger market penetration amongst the boards of listed companies. Handshakes will also highlight possible touch points to help you reach out to those firms.

Receiving alerts on market developments
Scenario:You need to stay up-to-date with latest developments in the markets.

Handshakes provides a powerful monitoring tool for regulators, governance bodies and other professionals who need to keep track of the latest developments. It provides quick access to information such as recent deals, changes in directorship and recent professional appointments, and allows information to be retrieved using different search parameters. You can also set alerts to notify you of certain events, for example, regulatory actions against a particular company.

Strengthening due diligence
Scenario:You want to find a more efficient and thorough way to conduct due diligence.

By uncovering not just the direct but also indirect interconnections between entities and individuals, Handshakes enables you to detect irregularities such as conflict of interest and concert party deals, and to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering or counter terrorist financing regulations. Our proprietary RED List report also flags out a company’s direct or indirect exposure to entities or individuals which have been exposed to Regulatory, Enforcement and Disciplinary (RED) action.


The power behind Handshakes

400 million paths in 3 seconds

To map out the interconnection between three listed companies,
Handshakes searched through 400 million possible paths to generate
the above interconnection map within 3 seconds. A person manually
scanning one path per second 24 hours a day would take 4,600 days or
12.7 years to achieve the same result.


The Handshakes platform has been optimised to exhaustively identify paths that
connect two or more entities to each other at varying distances (direct, indirect, and
with different degrees of separation) and present the findings visually in the form of
interconnection maps. The task of establishing these relationships, which would be
impossible to execute manually, can be completed in a manner of seconds.
Handshakes also derives proprietary network scores for each entity. For example, the
Hub Score measures the density of an entity’s connections, while the Influence Score
calculates how much market capitalisation the entity is connected to.


The data on Handshakes is curated from reliable sources (for example, disclosure
documents of listed companies) and disambiguated such that each and every entity can
be uniquely identified even though the name may have changed over time or it may go
by different names in different data sources. This is achieved through network
fingerprinting, which assesses interconnections at a certain degree of separation to
match and positively identify each entity in the database.

The Handshakes databases include:

Capital markets data sets covering Singapore and Malaysia, with data
from Hong Kong to be included from July 2016 and other markets slated
to come on-stream later.

Company registry data such as registry data on private companies
and individuals related to those companies.

Proprietary databases. The open architecture of the Handshakes platform
also allows client proprietary databases to be integrated with
the Handshakes databases for unique and even
more powerful connection analytics.


Handshakes’ front-end search and visualisation engine presents information in the form
of interconnection maps or tables, and flags out entities that the user may want to pay
more attention to, such as those which have been RED listed.
Users are able to view the connections in real time, manipulate maps on the fly by
pulling in more data, or expand certain entities or connections to find out more. They
can also flag out certain information on the maps, make annotations and save these
preferences under their user account.


The Handshakes app allows users to carry out searches on their mobile device quickly
and easily, giving them access to information while on-the-go. For example, they are
able to discover common touch points or talking points while on the way to meet a
prospect or even at the meeting itself, with the information displayed discreetly on
mobile and always available. On the mobile device, Handshakes displays its findings in
the form of tables for better clarity on a smaller form factor.


The Handshakes App: Analytics on-the-go

Powerful analytics and data visualisation capabilities give users the ability to generate, analyse, and share network maps about any entity or individual participating in the business ecosystem.

  • The app can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device or desktop, without requiring any software installation.
  • Push alerts keep users informed of the latest developments or events involving entities of interest.
  • Collaboration tools allow users to share interconnection maps and add their own inputs and analysis to the findings.
  • The app is available on an annual subscription or pay-per-use basis.
Standardised Handshakes Reports: Ready-to-use intelligence

Standardised reports provide clients with quick and affordable analysis for specific use cases. They include:

  • Conflict-of-interest checks
  • Director pre-appointment checks
  • Background checks
  • RED List reports
Commissioned Handshakes Reports: In-depth analysis with wider data coverage

Reports can be also customised to include analysis of data from company registries, social media and other sources. Common uses include:

  • Litigation support
  • Investigative journalism
  • Counter-party due-diligence
  • Client on-boarding checks
  • Investigations
  • Market studies
Handshakes Platform Licensing:
For private deployments
  • The Handshakes platform can be licensed for private deployments on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Data from Handshakes databases can be integrated with private databases and analysed to deliver specific insights or customised reports.

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